Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces help citizens in flood-affected areas

Under orders from the Supreme Commander and the President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian Armed Forces were among the first to provide assistance to the residents of areas affected by flood, caused by heavy rain and overflowing rivers in the Raška District.
  Yesterday, the members of the Serbian Armed Forces worked on the levee to prevent the Jošanica River from flooding Novi Pazar, and today, they are reinforcing the embankment of the Ibar River in Raška, and supplying drinking water to the residents of certain parts of Novi Pazar. 

The SAF troops are on standby in flood-affected areas in case of need, and are ready to rapidly respond at the request of the local emergency management headquarters, and help the citizens by engaging personnel and machinery.  
In this way, the members of the Serbian Armed Forces prove that they are always at the service of the citizens, not only in the defence of the country, but also in providing assistance to the people in need.