Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Soldiers performing military service undergo specialty training

Soldiers who have been performing their military service as of June this year are currently going through their specialty training in the Army Training Centre in “General Pavle Jurišić Šturm” barracks, Požarevac.
  In this centre, soldiers with infantry, artillery, armoured and engineer military occupational specialties receive their training.

During the six-week training conducted at training grounds and barracks, followed by training in the field outside peacetime dispositions, they acquire knowledge and skills in using personal and collective weapons and explosive ordnance and practice conducting offensive and defensive tactical actions and procedures.

After successfully completing their specialty training in the Army Training Centre, soldiers will be trained in using mortars, “Nora” and “Oganj” artillery systems, M-84 tanks and M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicles in combat.
They will continue performing their military service in SAF units where they will undergo their branch-specific collective training and be involved in performing daily assignments along with professional members.