Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New issue of “ODBRANA”

Despite the extremely hot weather, the month of July was dynamic in the defence system, so the new issue of "Odbrana" magazine has a number of attractive topics and interesting stories that we recommend to you.
  After a brief review of the most important activities undertaken by the top Ministry of Defence and SAF leaders, which are traditionally part of the IN FOCUS section, the new issue opens with an INTERVIEW WITH A CAUSE, which we had with Colonel Nenad Ratković on the occasion of the Military Medical Service Day.
The STANDING POINT tells the story of our deployable units, which carry out the Serbian Armed Forces’ second mission by participating in multinational peacekeeping operations, thus making a significant contribution to the preservation of peace in the world.
Following a proven recipe, the SYSTEM section abounds in excellent photos and stories describing the daily life in the military, taking you on a journey throughout Serbia, to training centres, firing ranges and training grounds, where the military improve and upgrade their capabilities continuously.

The ARSENAL section contains a text by renowned author, Milosav C. Đorđević, on the experimental tank revealed at the International Defence and Security exhibition Eurosatory in Paris, KF51 Panther tank, which attracted great attention of the visitors.

In the GLOBAL section, we recommend a text by our associate member Branislav Milosavljević on the NATO’s new strategic concept, entitled "What has changed from Lisbon to Madrid". The CULTURE section contains a story about the "Heroes of Halyard", a new film and series by Radoš Bajić, which ends with an interview with that famous filmmaker.
In the TRADITION section, you can read a story about a Serbian national military leader, General Đorđe Stratimirović, to whom a monument was recently erected. We have not forgotten our sports fans; so once again, we have devoted considerable attention to that section.

The summer issue’s SUPPLEMENT focuses on the Serbian military tradition which is part of our national identity.

There are many reasons why you should get your own copy of the August issue of “Odbrana” on time.