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Military Healthcare provides employment to 53 new employees, specialist physical examinations for military retirees

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, has attended the celebration marking the 183rd anniversary of the establishment of the military medical service. The celebration took place at the Military Medical Academy, where 53 new employees were given documentation offering them permanent employment in one of the military hospitals and Military Health Department centres. Minister Stefanović also instructed that a campaign aiming to provide specialist physical examinations to military retirees be launched next week.
  - I am delighted to congratulate you on this anniversary, because you are a pillar of health care for all of us. The Military Medical Academy and the Military Health Department are, I would say, a symbol not only of the Ministry of Defence and our Armed Forces, but also one of the important symbols of Serbian healthcare. And I am glad that so many new, young, professional, smart and capable people are joining our military healthcare. It was not easy, we had many meetings and to be honest I was not completely sure if people would be interested, if we would find a way to attract new people to get employment in their own country, instead of opting for other institutions or looking for employment abroad - said Minister Stefanović.

According to him, President Vučić, the Government, Minister of Health, Ministry of Defence and all the people at the Military Health Department worked day and night to complete this task and contributed enormously to the progress of our health care.
- This is not a platitude, but as a citizen of Serbia, I can honestly say that I am proud of everything that has been done, of the progress we have made, of our increased capability to take care of the health of our people, even in impossible situations, I would say. I have met a huge number of people who were, and some of them are still engaged, in Covid hospitals. It is an extremely difficult job, not just because of long hours and complex conditions, including putting on the protective suit and gear, but also because of the stress brought on by watching people you are sometimes unable to really help, but you still fight for them, you fight for their lives day and night, trying to make sure that they leave the hospital in good health and go home. And that is why we owe you a debt of gratitude and that is why we are proud of our doctors and medical staff and those people who are not always visible, but who equally contribute to the success of the treatment - said Minister Stefanović.
He announced that investing in military healthcare would continue.
- We have to continue investing, we have talked about it and set aside some funds, and we are planning to purchase new equipment and technology in the coming years, which will help the Military Medical Academy and the Military Health Department remain the pillar on which we all rely. We want to provide good working conditions and new salary increases for these people, and we want the citizens to know that every military medical facility they seek help in will do its best to help them, treat them and take care of them. Military healthcare is famous for the care and concern for people, and I congratulate you on that - said Minister Stefanović.
Minister Stefanović announced that a large-scale campaign aiming to provide physical examinations for military retirees would be conducted in several cities next week.

- I want us to organize a big campaign next week, to show concern for our retirees. In Niš, Novi Sad, and here in Belgrade, specialist cardiovascular examinations will be provided for our retirees who will not have to wait, and here in Belgrade, eye exams will be organized at the Military Medical Academy. I want to show them respect and gratitude in this way for everything they did for this country while they served honourably in the military and the Ministry of Defence - said the Minister.
He also congratulated the newly employed members of the Military Health Department.

- You have chosen an honourable, serious and responsible profession, and I can assure you that you have come to the best place in Serbia to take those first steps and with the right people, of whom I am truly proud - said Minister Stefanović.

Head of the Military Health Department, Brigadier General Radivoje Anđelković, emphasized the importance of military healthcare and all doctors, nurses and medical technicians who had stood with their people in the front line throughout history.
- Technological modernization of medical service and its capacity building with a view to ensuring its active participation in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces have always been among development priorities, but investment in staff, their training and professional development have always been and will be the top priority. The current situation and the results achieved in the fight against Covid-19 have once again shown how strong and important the military medical service is for our people and country - General Anđelković said.

The modern medical service is based on a long tradition that began on July 30, 1839, when a decree was issued appointing the first staff doctor, which is also the first official document referring to the work of the military medical service.
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