Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Remotely-piloted aircraft integration drill

A drill, lasting for several days, has been conducted at Pasuljanske Livade Training Ground and Morava Airfield, involving integration of remotely-piloted aircraft into the command information system of SAF artillery support forces.
  With the support of the Military Technical Institute engineers, the drill featured the Army and Air Force and Air Defence members examining and demonstrating the capability of remotely-piloted aircraft and portable reconnaissance assets for target identification and adjustment of fire delivered by artillery units and mortar squads.
The drill demonstrated the data collection capabilities of remotely-piloted aircraft, tactical UAVs and thermal-imaging cameras, production of a common operational picture of the battlefield and the capability to control fire in real time, based on the information about the targets, gathered by these modern reconnaissance systems.
Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, attended the final training activities at Pasuljanske Livade Training Ground with his closest associates in attendance. He praised the units which conducted the drill for the competence they had displayed and assessed that the exercise had attained its goals, additionally improving the conditions for the employment of the newly introduced arms and military equipment for the execution of tactical and fire missions in preparation for fire action, counter action and execution of operations.