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Minister Stefanović: Be a Soldier, You Can Do it!

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD called upon the young men and women to sign up for voluntary military service. “Be the pride of your country, be the honour of your family and your birth place, the applying for September generation has started! Be a soldier, you can do it!” Minister Stefanović sent the message.

“What is the honorary salute, what is the meaning of the thunderous and loud “Attention!”? What is calibre and how is it quantified? Those are just some of the interesting topics that we have prepared in the continuation of the series of videos for the young who love their armed forces and wish to know more about them”, Minister Stefanović stated, adding that all that, and much more, can be found out and learnt first-hand - by applying for the voluntary military service.

A series of tutorials intended for the young aimed at familiarising them with daily lives of soldiers was produced by the Military Film Centre “Zastava Film”, in the framework of a broader series broadcasted from October last year on the site and social network of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces. 

To remind you, the signing up for voluntary military service is ongoing, and it will last until 31st August this year, and eligible to apply are the young men and women, who are to turn between 19 and 30 this year. The applications can be filed in all subsidiaries of the Post of Serbia, at the e-government portal and in centres of the Ministry of Defence - former military recruitment offices.

Interested candidates may receive detailed information regarding the conditions and procedure of applying in centres of the Ministry of Defence in their municipalities and the following link:
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