Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Guardsmen train to perform military honours

As part of the Guards’ collective training, this unit trains soldiers, who have been performing military service as of March 2022, in performing military honours.
  This training is undergone by selected soldiers, who have distinguished themselves through outstanding training results, hard work, mental and physical fitness and abilities shown during close-order drills. 
Along with the Guards Battalion’s professional soldiers and officers, they practice drill and ceremony for performing military honours as part of government body protocols. The aim is to reach the required level of competence and to master perfectly close-order drills. Practice leads to an automated performance, thus minimizing the possibility of mistake in front of state leadership and highest foreign representatives.
  The soldiers are exceptionally motivated and hardworking during the training, willing to become SAF’s employees/professional Guardsmen upon the completion of their military service. The best ones among them will be allowed to attain that goal.