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Meeting between President Vučić and Italian Minister of Defence

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has met today with the Minister of Defence of Italy, Lorenzo Guerini. They discussed the improvement of bilateral cooperation, Serbia's European prospects, and the current international crisis.
  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, accompanied by the Assistant Minister for Material Resources, Nenad Miloradović, PhD, attended the meeting held at the Presidency building.

President Vučić said he was satisfied with stable and friendly relations and intensive cooperation in all important areas between Serbia and Italy. He also thanked Italy for its continuous, strong support for Serbia's European path. "Italy is Serbia’s third foreign trade partner. We must and can raise defence cooperation to a higher level. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with the Italian Armed Forces in multinational operations, and we are especially grateful to Italy for protecting the rights of the Serbian people and sanctities in Kosovo and Metohija," said President Vučić. According to him, preserving stability and peace in the Balkans is in the interest of our country. "Serbia has been one of the fastest growing economies lately, and we do not want to put that at risk," said President Vučić.
  As for the current international crisis, President Vučić pointed out that Serbia advocates peace and conforms to the norms of international law and the principle of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini conveyed the greetings from Prime Minister Draghi and the entire Italian Government. According to him, the trade exchange shows how good the relations between the two countries are. Minister Guerini highlighted excellent cooperation in EU missions and the participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in UNIFIL as part of the Italian contingent, and added that Italy will again take over the command of KFOR, which provides an important contribution to stability, in October this year. "We are aware that the current crisis at the international level poses a security threat and that the consequences of the crisis will be felt in all areas, particularly in the energy sector," the Italian official stressed, referring to the current situation in Ukraine.
  Minister Guerini reiterated that Italy appreciates Serbia's role in ensuring stability in the region and supports Serbia's European path, adding that the integration of the Western Balkan countries is essential for peacekeeping and the progress and economic growth of the entire region.

The two officials agreed that holding the Fourth Joint Session of the two governments, as soon as international circumstances allow, would provide additional impetus to improving the overall relations and forming a stronger strategic partnership.
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The meeting