Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

72nd Special Operations Brigade undergoes cold weather training

This week, members of the Serbian Armed Forces’ 72nd Special Operations Brigade have conducted cold weather training with the help of the Air Force and Air Defence.

For several weeks, members of this brigade’s “Griffins” and “Falcons” special operations battalions landed at remote locations where they carried out tactical and fire missions on unfamiliar mountainous terrain in accordance with their purpose and given scenarios.  

Special Forces practised vertical manoeuvre in cooperation with helicopter units, tactical actions undertaken during reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, conducting surprise raids, diversions and ambushes, and overcoming vertical obstacles by climbing using modern mountaineering equipment.

After several days of training, special operations teams conducted tactical live-fire exercise, confirming a high level of competence for conducting special missions.

This is only a part of the complex training conducted by the 72nd Brigade throughout the year in order to preserve and improve the ability to perform special operations and other tasks in all conditions, primarily within enemy's dispositions at tactical and operational depths.