Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Regular Training for Tank Crews in First Army Brigade

Tank Battalion of the First Army Brigade is currently conducting regular collective training for professional staff and soldiers on voluntary military service of armoured units arm on tanks M-84.

After theoretical instruction, held in classrooms and seminar rooms, the tank crews practice practical actions on simulators for arming tank guns, simulators for sighting and firing, and for the operation of the system for fire management and collective armament on tanks.

In the continuation of the training, they will have tactical exercises and programmed live firing, which implies testing the firing competence and the level of training of the crews to execute assigned tasks – elimination of enemy armoured vehicles, personnel and other combat assets.

Tank M-84 is main battle asset of tank battalions within the Army brigades. It is intended for swift, audacious, sudden and heavy combat actions, first and foremost for the execution of the offensive component of combat operations, but it is are also used in anti-armour combat, which gives it the leading role and importance in the first and second mission of the Serbian Armed Forces.