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Minister Stefanović Visited “Prva Iskra” in Barič

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD toured production plants of the company “Prva Iskra – Defence Production” in Barič where different explosives are produced for military requirements. There the minister talked to the management and workers. He underlined his expectation that “Prva Iskra” would continue being the driver of development not only of Obrenovac but the entire Belgrade, owing to President Aleksandar Vučić who had approved the resources to be invested in new production cycles.

- I am glad to see that the management of the company “Prva Iskra – Defence Production” seriously thinks about the enhancement of its production. That is the most important for our defence industry – to have the people who keep step with the time, who understand that everything that used to be good enough yesterday or today, does not have to be good enough tomorrow. That is why it is important to invest in new plants for the production of plastic explosives, and enhance the existing production so that our armed forces are satisfied with the products of defence industry, and in this particular case, with the explosive which is produced here – Minister Stefanović said.

The minister of defence stated that it is good that “Prva Iskra” does the business in the black, and that it has been increasing its business year after year.

- We have ambitious plans for 2022, and we wish to invest so that our partner companies from defence industry could continue producing good and high quality products, in terms of artillery, anti-aircraft and other ammunition, and to expand the production capacities – Minister Stefanović explained.

He particularly praised the care for the employees of the company “Prva Iskra”.

- Despite terrible devastation that happened in 1999 during NATO aggression, here we have the renewed production and care for the personnel such as engineers and workers who consider “Prva Iskra” to be their home in every sense of that word. Investing in housing for the employees and high average salaries is something that this company does from its own resources and it is rather commendable – Minister Stefanović said.

Director Stanoje Biočanin informed the minister about the work of the company, while the visit of the plants was attended by State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Branko Živanović and Head of Department for Defence Technologies Colonel Slavko Rakić.
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