Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


For the purpose of objective information of the public, the Ministry of Defence states that daily paper “Danas” published completely false information provided by self-proclaimed experts on average salaries of servicemen, the amounts of which were deduced using various calculations, and it was followed by an array of sweeping condemnations and evaluations regarding the equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Though nothing of the said can dispute the fact that present salaries of servicemen have been increased by more than 70 per cent in comparison to the period when President Aleksandar Vučić became the minister of defence back in 2012, we are presenting the precise information so that certain individuals would stop misleading the public any longer. In December 2012, the salary of a corporal was 34,211 dinars or 301 euros, and the salary of a private 1st class was 32,658 dinars of 287 euros. Next January, that very corporal will receive the salary of 59,519 dinars of 506 euros, while private 1st class will earn 56,507 dinars or 481 euros. More precisely, their salaries have been increased by 73.97 and 73.03 per cent respectively.

It is perfectly evident that, while President Vučić works towards increasing the standard of living of members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, who have received their third increase of salaries in this year alone, Novica Antić and various Lunić like individuals are misleading the public. While some obviously have to hide in their statements in “Danas” that they are officials of opposition parties, the others, such as Antić, clearly show that they are interested in all other but the rights of the servicemen.  

Considering that in December 2008 the salary of a master sergeant was 32,628 dinars, which was 368 euros according to then exchange rate, while the same servicemen will now receive 75,787 dinars, or 645 euros, when an individual, as a president of a union, says that it was better before, it is needless to explain their true motives. Not to mention what can be said when one so-called member of a military union supports a political campaign against the equipment and investing in the Serbian Armed Forces.