Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces successfully conduct exercises "Neighbours 21" and "Iron Cat 2021"

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces have successfully conducted the "Neighbours 21" multinational exercise together with members of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Ohio National Guard and the "Iron Cat 2021" exercise with members of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

The final day of the "Neighbours 21" multinational tactical exercise conducted in the "People's Hero Stevica Jovanović" barracks in Pančevo, was attended by the commander of the First Army Brigade, Brigadier General Zoran Nasković and the commander of the HDF 5th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Balázs Szloszjár.
  The goal of this trilateral exercise, hosted by the First Army Brigade, was to improve interoperability and capability to conduct multinational operations at the tactical level, while strengthening mutual trust and exchanging experiences. During the five-day activities, members of the Serbian, Hungarian and U.S. armed forces practiced combat actions and procedures used in peace support operations, such as territory control, field searches, medical evacuation and procedures in case of attacks against deployed troops.

The "Neighbours" is a tactical exercise that has been performed alternately in Serbia and Hungary since 2011, and since 2017, members of the Ohio National Guard have also participated in the exercise, making the exercise trilateral.

The joint exercise conducted by the SAF River Flotilla and the HDF 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment, called "Iron Cat", has been conducted alternately in Serbia and Hungary since 2011.
  The final day of this exercise, conducted at the "Titel" temporary training ground on the river Tisza, was attended today by the commander of the River Flotilla, Captain Ljubiša Marković and Colonel Zsolt Szilágyi, Commander of the HDF 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment.

The "Iron Cat 2021" live fire exercise was designed to exchange experiences in the use of tactics, techniques and procedures for the protection of river traffic and to improve cooperation with the Hungarian Defence Forces.

During the exercise, which started on September 20, members of the Serbian and Hungarian river units practiced combat actions and procedures for protecting river traffic, along with live fire drills, engaging targets on the river surface. In addition to anti-ship and anti-mine action, the troops practiced the removal of a sunken object, rescue and medical evacuation of drowning people and fire fighting on board a ship. In this year’s "Iron Cat" exercise, special emphasis was placed on developing the river tactical group’s capability to plan, prepare and conduct river traffic protection operations.