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Minister Stefanović: There is a real need for introducing compulsory military service

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, said that there is a real need for introducing compulsory military service in Serbia, but he cannot say whether the decision on this matter will be made this year because there are many aspects to be considered.
  Minister Stefanović stated that the government's intention is to start a serious debate on compulsory military service so that the decision on that matter is not made lightly, and added that the Ministry of Defence is preparing normative legal solutions and bylaws.

He added that the General Staff gave their opinion on why they think compulsory military service should be introduced.

"In addition to my opinion that it is really important and necessary, the armed forces have a real need for compulsory military service. We need more soldiers and I am glad to see an increase in the number of soldiers applying for voluntary military service, but of course it is still not enough," said Stefanović.

According to him, soldiers’ standard of living is being improved, and various models of compulsory military service are being considered.

"Once the decision is made, I am ready to back it, as Minister of Defence. We will explain the decision in detail and show the models of service and the skills that the young people will acquire while serving in the military and use them later in life, while some of them may even decide to stay and work in the military," Stefanović said.

"I don't want them to think that they will be cleaning the runway or mowing lawns in the military. Our goal is to teach them military skills and provide our armed forces with soldiers they can count on and make sure they are ready to defend our country if necessary," the Minister said.
Source: RTS