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Numerous visitors at display of weapons and military equipment at Ušće

The display of weapons and military equipment, mounted today by the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces at Ušće, on the occasion of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag Day, has attracted numerous visitors.
  For Zoran Milovanović from Obrenovac, who came with his son, this is a must-see event. According to him, it is important to teach children from an early age to love their country, their military and to respect national symbols.

- We had to come today. Today is the Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag Day. We had to see tanks and other armoured vehicles, because we cannot do without them. Everything is nice and organized and that is characteristic of our armed forces - Milovanović points out.

Igor Belak from Belgrade has brought his daughter to see the display of weapons and military equipment.

- I think all of this is really fascinating. Children love the military and weapons, and I think we have something to show. Everyone should see this - says Igor Belak.
Tijana Timotijević from Smederevo, has come to see what the Serbian Armed Forces have, at her boyfriend’s suggestion.  

- My boyfriend insisted that we come. We both have great respect for the military and we think that working in the military is a great privilege, but also an extremely difficult job. I am fascinated with everything, from the vehicles to our soldiers’ uniforms. Everything is beautiful. I think that we should support our soldiers and that this is one of the rare opportunities to see the armament displayed here - Tijana Timotijević says.
According to Aleksandar Marjanović from Belgrade, the Serbian Armed Forces are much better equipped than when he served in the military.

  - I have come to see the weapons of our armed forces, which I have not seen so far and which have changed a lot compared to the time when I served in the military. I am particularly impressed with the new systems. I am fascinated with the Nora and Pantsir systems. The new drones, too, we didn’t have those at the time I was serving in the military. I would also like to praise the military personnel’s attitude towards the visitors, their kindness and tolerance in such hot weather. People have a high opinion of the military. I think that it is one of our best institutions - Aleksandar Marjanović said.
In addition to weapons and military equipment produced by the domestic defence industry, such as the Lazar, Miloš and MRAP combat vehicles, modernized KUB and Neva missile systems, people who come to Ušće today can also see imported complex combat systems, optoelectronic and reconnaissance equipment used by the Serbian Armed Forces.

At their stands, the Military Academy and the Military Technical Institute inform visitors about the advantages of military education, important development projects and research in the field of weapons and military equipment development. Also, with the help of members of the Military Academy’s "Akademac" Shooting Club, visitors can try their hand at air rifle shooting in the air shooting range.

Another gift to the citizens is an exhibition put on by the Military Museum, dedicated to the Salonica Front breakthrough, where weapons and uniforms used in the Balkan Wars and the First World War are displayed.
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Display of weapons and military equipment