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Serbia draws with Russia in first phase of “Guardian of Order” competition

After the first phase of the "Guardian of Order" International Military Police Competition held today at the "Žiča" training ground near Kraljevo, the Serbian and Russian military teams share the first and second places with 631 points each, while the Kazakh team scored 482 points. The program included individual shooting competitions with a 7.62 mm M70 automatic rifle and a 9 mm "Glock" semi-automatic pistol.
The best individual score was achieved by Junior Sergeant Nikola Krstić from the Serbian team, scoring a hit factor of 1.98. Another Serbian competitor, Sergeant Petar Vukašinović took second place scoring a hit factor of 1.67, while the third best shooter today was Sergeant Major Alexei Glatkov from the Russian Federation who scored a hit factor of 1.36.

The Islamic Republic of Iran currently has 403 points, the Republic of Cyprus 163, and the State of Qatar 100 points.

The points difference between the teams in the upper part of the table is minimal and most of the competitors agree that a real fight is yet to come in the next three phases. The second phase of the "Guardian of Order" International MP Competition will be held at the "Žiča" training ground tomorrow, when "Military Police Patrol Shooting" is on. Competitors will carry out fire missions in pairs in a simulated urban combat environment.
This is the fifth time the "Guardian of Order" contest has been held as part of the International Army Games, and the first time that the Republic of Serbia has hosted the competition and members of the Serbian Armed Forces have participated in it.
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The shooting competition