Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


A Serbian Armed Forces patrol from the Mrča base in the Ground Safety Zone noticed a group of about 12 people in the illegal act of logging in the Ugljarski Krš region, near the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija, today around 4.30 pm. The group of illegal loggers fired a bullet into the air when the patrol arrived.

The military patrol then fired a warning shot into the air and headed towards the group, which set their dog on our members, followed by two more bursts of gunfire that could be heard in the forest about 200 metres away.

The said group then fled from the patrol and withdrew in the direction of our southern province. No one was injured in the incident. Part of the Serbian intervention force was put on high alert, and the Armed Forces informed KFOR of the incident.
We emphasize that the Serbian Armed Forces will continue to provide security and protect the property of Serbian citizens.