Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Student scholarship competition. Apply!

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia has launched a competition for the award of 2021/2022 student scholarships. The opportunity to get financial aid during schooling and a secure job in the defence system will be given to 21 third and fourth-year undergraduate students, 19 first or second-year master’s students and two fifth-year students pursuing integrated academic studies.
  Scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing integrated academic studies in the field of pharmaceutical science, and to students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the fields of electronics and computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, mathematics, and occupational safety or environmental protection. Students pursuing degrees in mechanical and chemical engineering will be able to apply for master's degree scholarships.

Students attending higher education institutions founded by the Republic of Serbia, an autonomous province or a local self-government, who have enrolled in the bachelor or master’s degree studies for the first time in the current school year and whose education is funded from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, are eligible for a student scholarship. Applicants must be citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have not repeated a single year of study, and who have passed all the exams in previous years of study, with the lowest average grade of 7.50.
Candidates who meet the psychological and health assessment criteria and get a security clearance will be ranked based on their previous academic achievements and student efficiency.
  Those who acquire the status of a military scholarship holder will receive 35,000 dinars per month during the third year of undergraduate studies, and 40,000 dinars during the fourth year. For students attending integrated academic studies and master's degree studies, the monthly scholarship will amount to 50,000 dinars.

After completing their studies, persons who have qualified for scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Defence will be offered employment as officers or civilian employees in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Prokuplje, Pančevo, Kragujevac or Lađevci near Kraljevo, which is specified in advance for each scholarship.

More details about competition requirements and application can be found at:

Applications and necessary documents must be submitted by October 29, 2021.