Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Lecture by the Chief of the General Staff General Milan Mojsilović on military cooperation with the EU

The Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, delivered a lecture today at the European Union Delegation office in Belgrade on the contribution of the Serbian Armed Forces to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy.
  In his lecture, General Mojsilović presented to the members of the EU Delegation and military representatives of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, France and the Netherlands the key activities implemented by the Serbian Armed forces as part of the common security and defence policy and cooperation with EU Member States.
The Chief of the General Staff said that key activities of cooperation were the participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in EU crisis management missions and operations, the involvement of the Serbian Armed Forces in the EU HELBROC Battlegroup and cooperation with the European Defence Agency. It was pointed out that this cooperation contributes to the overall harmonization of the security and defence organization of the Republic of Serbia with modern standards, national security and defence system capacity and capability building, the strengthening of interoperability with EU members, and that it accelerates Serbia’s EU integration process.