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Minister Stefanović visits new Covid hospital construction site near Novi Sad

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, visited the new Covid hospital construction site in Mišeluk, a suburban area near Novi Sad.
  At the place where the cornerstone for the new hospital was laid just over a month ago, Minister Stefanović talked to the workers and contractors and had the opportunity to see that the works were going well.

- I wanted to come tonight, first of all to thank the "Termomont" company staff and all the workers, Dejan Burčul and the engineers who, as you can see, are working day and night to make this hospital ready on time and I can tell you that the pace of work is encouraging - Minister Stefanović emphasized.
According to him, the works are progressing several days ahead of the deadline.

- It is encouraging that this almost 20,000-square-metre hospital will be ready to admit patients as of 1 September - Minister Stefanović pointed out.

Our fight against the coronavirus, the Minister of Defence added, will continue.

- The results and the huge effort of doctors are encouraging, but we have to be ready and our task as a country is to be ready for a potential new wave or for a new mutation of the virus. When the pandemic is over and when we finally beat the coronavirus, this hospital in Novi Sad will be a city hospital and will be able to admit non-Covid patients and achieve its full potential - Minister Stefanović emphasized.
  At this place, the Minister of Defence pointed out, an imposing structure can be seen.

- You will be able to put any medical device in this building, prepare any medical room and it will have the largest critical care capacity - 220 intensive and over 400 semi-intensive care beds, which is a huge capacity. The very fact that so far there have been a total of 170 intensive care beds in entire Vojvodina shows that we are increasing the capacity considerably and that the hospital in this place will be extremely important - Minister Stefanović said.

Minister Stefanović thanked everyone working on the construction of the hospital, adding that these were the people who had built hospitals in Batajnica, Karaburma and Kruševac in record time.
- As you can see, they work day and night and even more people will come over the next month to carry out installation works. These people know how it is done, they understand the importance of the work they are doing and I would like to thank them for understanding how much Serbia needs this - Minister Stefanović said.

The Minister of Defence once again expressed his gratitude to the doctors and medical staff.

- Today, I also talked to psychologists working in the Karaburma Hospital’s red zone, but also in other hospitals. I want to thank, of course, the military doctors and the civilian sector, all the people who work day and night, who have been wearing protective suits and masks all this time, whose faces show the effects of that work, who have spent many nights away from their families so that we can be safer and our health taken care of - Minister Stefanović said.

All these people are true heroes, the Minister of Defence emphasized, and we must show our sincere gratitude to them.

- I once again invite people to get vaccinated. I want to encourage them to do it, because vaccination is the only thing that prevents you from ending up in hospital receiving serious treatment due to a more severe form of Covid-19. Only with vaccination do we have the opportunity to return to normal life as soon as possible - Minister Stefanović pointed out.
  According to him, the numbers we have in Serbia are encouraging, but we are far from defeating the coronavirus and we must be serious, careful, and not let that fool us, so that case numbers do not start growing again.

- Precisely because we are serious and responsible, because we pursue the serious and responsible policy that President Vučić represents in Serbia today, we have the money to build hospitals, we have the money to build infrastructure, to build roads and to build Serbia, and for our economy to grow, and that is not easy today - Minister Stefanović emphasized.
Because of all that, he said, we have the opportunity to increase salaries and pensions.

- That is our job, and thanks to that kind of policy, today we can stand before the citizens and say that our country is more successful than many others, both in the fight against the coronavirus and in the fight for health and economy - Minister Stefanović pointed out.
- Thanks again to everybody, both to these people who are building these perfect hospitals in record time, and to all the health workers for their tremendous work, without whom I could not even imagine what would happen, and let us help them with a responsible approach and vaccination - Minister Stefanović concluded.
The modern Covid hospital in Novi Sad will have 19,500 square meters, more than 600 beds, 220 of which intensive care beds, and the completion of works is planned for 1 September 2021.
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