Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Military volunteers in training

The December 2020-generation military volunteers have carried out infantry weapons preliminary firing at the “Sedlari“ military complex near Valjevo.
As the platoon commander, Second Lieutenant Jovan Barović, pointed out, the soldiers had successfully performed the preparatory shooting from the 7.62 mm automatic rifle.

- This training was preceded by two firing practices and disciplinary, tactical and infantry weapons exercises, and we will carry on with other thematic activities in the coming period. The soldiers have shown great motivation and interest so far and I hope that it will remain so – emphasized Second Lieutenant Barović.

Private Mladen Živojinović from Kragujevac says that the training is a challenge, but that they are all doing their best to adapt to the circumstances and learn as much as possible.  

- After this phase of the training, I expect to carry on training and acquiring soldier skills – Živojinović pointed out.  
Private Biljana Panić from Loznica hopes to be successful in training and show the knowledge that their commanding officers transferred to them.

- After completing my military service, I would like to get a job in the military – says Biljana.

Further training includes hand grenade training exercise and other activities, as well as the evaluation of the soldiers’ level of training achieved, after which they will return to the Serbian Armed Forces units to carry on doing their military service.
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Shooting practice
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Second Lieutenant Jovan Barovic's statement
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Private Mladen Zivojinovic's statement
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Private Biljana Panic's statement