Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

River Flotilla’s pontoniers provide support to high-speed rail construction

River Flotilla’s pontonier units are engaged in a part of the waters of the Danube-Tisza-Danube canal system in order to create conditions for exploring the boreholes in the beds of the Veliki and Mali Bački Canals for the purpose of building a high-speed rail.
  In order to facilitate drilling from moored floating platforms and testing the composition of the bed, the pontoniers have set up sections of a pontoon bridge and, by skillfully maneuvering tugs and boats, they are moving the platforms and anchoring them in the required locations.
As part of the tasks, members of the River Flotilla have set up ferries this week and, by navigating the Danube and the canal network in Vojvodina, relocated to the positions where the construction works will be carried out in the Mali Bački Canal near Novi Sad.
In addition to contributing to the construction of the high-speed rail that will connect the Republic of Serbia and Hungary, the engagement of the River Flotilla’s pontonier units on the Danube-Tisza-Danube canal system is an excellent opportunity for the youngest soldiers and officers to undergo training in navigation and river crossing.