Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Higher-quality and more varied food at the Military Academy

At the Military Academy, special attention is paid to food in order to maintain and improve the required level of psychophysical and intellectual abilities of all its members.

Continuous work is focused on improving nutrition and satisfaction of users, primarily students and cadets, as specific age groups that need to adopt healthy eating habits that contribute to the development of their overall abilities.
In order to improve the quality of food and the satisfaction of all users at the Military Academy, a lot has been done in the previous period when it comes to improving the technological and nutritional aspects of catering.
  In order to meet the nutritional needs of members of the Serbian Armed Forces, breakfast has been changed by increasing the norms and adding new components. This caused an increase in the energy value of breakfast by approximately 200 kcal or about 20%. With previous changes whose aim was to increase the prevalence of foods that are more acceptable to consumers, the energy value of a full day’s meal has been increased by approximately 400 kcal or 10%, so now it is around 4200 kcal.
The selection of dishes has been expanded by introducing a choice between two dishes for breakfast and three for lunch. The nutritional value of breakfast has been enhanced by introducing additional components while at the same time increasing the norms of existing food products.
The menu has also been enriched with a new component - a mixture of cereals with and without dried fruit, which cadets can additionally eat for breakfast, and it satisfies cadets’ nutritional and energy needs increased by physical and mental exertions in regular classes and on sports activities, as well as the ability to better follow the lessons and acquire new knowledge (trace elements, alkaloids and B-group vitamins).
In order to provide quality food products for cadets and all members of the Serbian Armed Forces, the items of confectionery have been changed. Waffles, grain products, milk chocolate biscuits and other products were procured, whose quality has been confirmed on the market and are gladly consumed by the cadets of the Military Academy.
For the first time, individual packages of these products are marked with the logo of the Serbian Armed Forces.

A part of food products procured for the members of the Serbian Armed Forces is above the quality of products that can be found on the market. Canned meat, which is an important segment of the diet in the armed forces, must meet special quality requirements in order to have a long shelf life and to be accepted by users.
  Thanks to consistent quality control and implementation of corrective measures the quality and range of seasonal fruits and vegetables, bakery products, fresh meat and cured meat products that are used daily in the diet of cadets has been increased.
By decorating the interior of the cadet restaurant, installing new lighting and a display with useful information about the daily menus, the ambience of the dining facility has been made more pleasant and user friendly.

In the central part of the dining facility, a salad display cabinet has been installed with a daily menu composed of three types of salads, which enables the cadets to help themselves to salads of personal preference.
By replacing the plastic with porcelain dishware, sensory and nutritional properties of food are better preserved and the cadets and all those who eat at the Military Academy are more satisfied.
The most modern thermal processing equipment was procured and put into operation, which makes the process of food preparation more energy-saving and ensures better sensory and nutritional characteristics of food in accordance with the needs of users, as well as dishwashers which enhance the sanitary and safety aspect of food preparation and distribution according to the highest standards.
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