Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Care for the Heritage of Field Marshal Putnik

Today, Head of Department for Tradition, Standard and Veterans Colonel Duško Šljivančanin talked to Zoran Ivković great grandson of Field Marshal Radomir Putnik, and on that occasion, he thanked him on support that he has been providing to the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces in protection of heritage of the notable Serbian army leader.

Zoran Ivković made particularly great effort in 2009 working on implementation of the idea that the heritage of his famous ancestor should be safeguarded in the Military Museum. Later, on several occasions, the last one being in the last year, he donated several personal items of Field Marshal Putnik which replenished the collection preserved by the Military Museum.

As a token of gratitude, Colonel Šljivančanin presented Zoran Ivković with a book „The Serbian Monasteries“.