Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New Capabilities of Missile Artillery with Modulated “Oganj”

By introducing a modular self-propelled multibarrel missile launcher LRSCVM M18 “Oganj” into the Serbian Armed Forces, missile artillery will gain completely new capabilities which it did not have until now.
The missile artillery plays an important role in providing fire support to the Army units. That is why equipping the armed forces with the modulated “Oganj”, intended for neutralisation of personnel, materiel, command posts, bases, storages, airfields and all lightly armoured targets by means of non-guided and guided missiles, is of immense importance for the Serbian Armed Forces.
The prototype of LRSVM M18 “Oganj” was created through modernisation of self-propelled multibarrel missile launcher SVLR “Oganj” 12mm M77, or disassembly of some of its subassemblies and installation of new ones.
The Military Technical Institute was leading the development of the modulated “Oganj”, while the system integrator-manufacturer is “Prva Petoletka – Namenska” from Trstenik, and major defence industry subcontractors who participated in this project include “Zastava TERVO” and “FAP Priboj”.
The modulated “Oganj” is a modernised version with armoured bulletproof cabin, which protects the crew against shrapnel and rifle ammunition. This model, apart from possessing a new inertial navigational system (INS) and being largely digitalised and having an upgraded communication system, has provided something that is the most important in the modern warfare where every minute and second count – far greater speed of use. It is a highly automated weapon which will significantly enhance the capabilities of our artillery, primarily through dramatic reduction of preparation to engage. It takes three minutes to modulated “Oganj” from the moment of giving command till readiness to engage, while the same process takes much more in case of “Oganj” M77.
By introducing the modernised “Oganj” into the organic weapons of the Serbian Armed Forces, the missile artillery will be considerably strengthened, having in mind that it is our first artillery weapon capable of firing guided missiles, apart from the existing non-guided missiles, including already developed 40 kilometres range missiles and 50 kilometres range missiles.
In the process of weapon development, all subsystems were integrated for preparation, execution and guidance of a missile, such as “ALAS” missile. In the mid June this year, Centre for arms and military equipment testing “Nikinci” was the venue of the premier and successfully executed launch of a programme guided “ALAS” system missile from a container mounted on the launcher of the modular “Oganj”. Also, firing with “Grad” missiles was executed, which represents the basis for further enhancement. The Military Technical Institute develops missiles “Košava 1” and “Košava 2”, which will raise the range of our missile artillery higher than 50 kilometres, and they will have warheads of great destructive power capable of destroying fortified targets and important stationary facilities. Modernisation of this weapon provided an upgraded system which possesses: automatic sighting line, orientation and navigation, possibility to use different containers with diverse ammunition, shorter time of preparation and firing, higher protection of crew members, capability of autonomous combat mission and coupled work with a universal mobile artillery computer station.
Complete systemic equipping of the Artillery of the Serbian Armed Forces is one of priorities in terms of equipping and apart the modernised weapon such as the modular “Oganj”, new computer fire management systems, it is envisaged to introduce new generation ammunition as well.
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