Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Regarding the malicious and false news spoken by Dejan Pavlović, the president of one of the unrepresentative unions in the Serbian Armed Forces, and reported by some media, the Ministry of Defence informs the public that all units of the Serbian Armed Forces, including the 63rd Parachute Brigade, are used only in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on the Serbian Armed Forces.

63rd Parachute Brigade is not intended for fighting violent protesters and it has never been ordered to do anything like that.

Competent bodies of the Military Police will summon Dejan Pavlović for interrogation where he will be asked to explain the circumstances of the statement he made to the media by which he spread lies about the Serbian Armed Forces.

We call on the media not to publish such false news and to be aware of possible consequences which may ensue for publishing false news and disturbing the public.