Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

“March 2020“ generation of reserve officer trainees have taken the oath

The oath-taking ceremony for the “March 2020“ generation of reserve officer trainees, was held at the “General Jovan Mišković“ barracks in Belgrade.

Thirty-four reserve officer trainees have taken the oath.
Congratulating them on taking the oath, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Prof. Bojan Zrnić PhD pointed out the significance of the military oath which, throughout history, has obliged the military to proudly serve their homeland.

General Zrnić stressed that the Military Academy would provide all the necessary conditions for the trainees to complete the Reserve Officer Training Course successfully.
Today’s military ceremony was attended by the members of the Military Academy Commandant’s Board, the Commander of the Cadet Brigade, Colonel Ivan Orbović, professors and other staff of the Military Academy.