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Minister Vulin: The camp in Morović is set up

- The camp in Morovic is set up. The Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the competent sanitary services determine who can enter the camp, in accordance with doctors’ assessments and, of course, our citizens who have no registered residence in the territory of our country. I ask all citizens to follow the instructions, to listen to the competent authorities and thus protect themselves and other citizens - said the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, who, accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, visited the tent settlement in Morović today erected by the Serbian Armed Forces to accommodate Serbian nationals returning from abroad.

- In accordance with the Supreme Commander’s orders and the rules that apply during a state of emergency, the Serbian Armed Forces have established a reception camp for all Serbian nationals without registered residence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, or those whose presence might pose a potential health risk based on our doctors’ assessment at the border - Minister Vulin emphasized.

All those people, Minister Vulin added, will be accommodated in the reception camp in Morović, where they will have to go through an appropriate period of isolation, intensive medical monitoring and thus their health will be protected, as well as the health of all citizens of Serbia.

- Everyone who thinks that they should come to the Republic of Serbia must also accept the laws and rules in force in the Republic of Serbia, both during and after the state of emergency. The Ministry of Defence, together with the Serbian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the members of the Border Police, and of course the competent health services, will take care of the health of the people accommodated in the Morović camp - said Minister Vulin.

The Minister of Defence pointed out that the Serbian Armed Forces will establish several more quarantine camps for those coming from the countries affected by the coronavirus, as appropriate.

- This way we will provide healthcare to everyone, ruling out the possibility of them endangering the health of other citizens of Serbia - Minister Vulin said.
The Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command, Major General Ilija Todorov, said that in accordance with the decisions and orders, the Serbian Armed Forces had established a camp in Morović as soon as possible.

- All the necessary conditions are created in this camp, not only for life and work, but also for the control and prevention and for those situations that may surprise us. In this regard, we are ready to continue carrying out our tasks in accordance with our Supreme Commander’s decisions and orders - General Todorov emphasized.

The tent settlement in Morović is ready and can accommodate up to 500 people who will be provided with healthcare, accommodation and food by the Serbian Armed Forces.

Among the visitors of the camp in Morović today were also the Deputy Police Director General, Slobodan Malešić, the Commander of the 1st Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Zoran Nasković, and the representatives of the Military Healthcare Department.
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