Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

International Workshop on NCO Corps Development Opens

An International Workshop on NCO Corps Development hosted by the ‘Milunka Savić’ NCO Training and Advancement Centre has been opened today at the Guard Club at Topčider.
The aim of the three-day workshop, which brings together more than 70 participants from 23 NATO member states and the Partnership for Peace programme, is to present programmes, courses, training and advancement activities for NCOs of the participating countries, to inform how to make choice, selection and preparation of instructor cadre in NCO schools, as well as to consider future bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of development of the system of training and advancement of NCOs .
As the Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command Major General Ilija Todorov pointed out at the opening, the workshop is one of the most significant activities of international military cooperation in the Serbian Armed Forces in 2020.
- Since 2013 to date, the Serbian Armed Forces has successfully implemented a number of activities through the DEEP Programme, through which we have reviewed the demands for upgrading the existing capacities for training and advancement of non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces. Based on these activities, the NCO Training and Advancement Centre through its courses provided quality training for NCOs in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces – General Todorov said, adding that models of cooperation in the field of NCO training will be proposed at the workshop in order to find adequate solutions for the requirements of the partner countries.
The International Workshop on NCO Corps Development is part of the 2020 International Military Cooperation Plan of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Plan for cooperation with the Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP), which is a vehicle for reform, providing tailored practical support to individual countries in developing and enhancing their professional military education institutions.
The cooperation between the Training Command and the DEEP programme has been carried out in order to support the development of capacities of the ‘Milunka Savić’ NCO Training and Advancement Centre since 2013.