Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting of Minister Vulin with Engineers of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces in Beijing

In Beijing, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin met members of a team from the Military Technical Institute of the Ministry of Defence and Air Force of the Serbian Armed Forces who are staying in the People’s Republic of China where they work together with Chinese partners on a project of armed unmanned aerial vehicle.

This is the first phase of technology transfer for development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles which also encompasses redesign of unmanned aerial vehicle Pegasus in order to carry additional equipment, avionics, optoelectronic systems and armament installation to be capable of achieving assigned tactical and technical requirements of the first Serbian combat unmanned aerial vehicle.

After that, our side will reconstruct the aircraft and the Chinese side will redesign a part of its electronic equipment and avionics in accordance with the results of the first phase. All calculations, analysis, computer simulations and laboratory research are going to be conducted together so that our engineers would gain experiences which they lack.

Thus, the jointly modified and equipped aircraft will be first tested in China and then in Serbia, including live firing with laser guided missiles, in order for the asset to be introduced in the organic armament of the Serbian Armed Forces.

After that, in the third phase, with assistance from Chinese experts, series production of the aircraft Pegasus will be established in Serbia.
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