Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Concerned for the health of the persons still staying at “Bristol”, the Ministry of Defense formed an on-call medical team that visits them regularly twice a day.
Since the beginning of strike on 5 September, the medical team of the Ministry of Defense has made 10 visits and examined 11 people. The medical team has concluded that the medical condition of these persons was stable.

Strike is not the solution, nor is it a solution that following the politicians’ proposals posed by irresponsible individuals concerning an unlawful solution, the persons who have remained at the “Bristol” hotel are absolutely unfoundedly accusing the Ministry of Defense of endangering their health.

On the contrary, concerned for the health of those still residing at “Bristol”, the Ministry of Defense has offered and continues to offer them to move immediately to the apartments they had already visited at Block A, Vračar and Zvezdara in Belgrade, in accordance with the rights they exercise.

The flats that the Ministry of Defense is offering, and which the persons at “Bristol” are refusing, can be seen at the following link: