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Defence and Security Reintroduced in High Schools

After 27 years, the instruction in the field of defence and security is reintroduced in the system of high school education. Today, in the Fourth Belgrade Grammar School, members of the Regional Centre of the Ministry of Defence Belgrade held the first lecture informative lecture by which once very popular content was reintroduced for high school seniors.
The ninety minute long instruction were held pursuant to the Law on Military and Labour and Material Obligation, initiative of the Ministry of Defence to introduce certain content of training into the system of education and the act of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. High school students defined as a category of citizens to be trained within education and training system for the needs of defence of the country in the state of emergency and war. In that way, the high school seniors will first in Belgrade and then in other secondary schools in Serbia, have an opportunity in the second semester to learn more from the members of regional centres of the Ministry of Defence about the Serbian Armed Forces, the role of citizens in defence of the country in case of natural disasters or other mass accidents, about civilian defence and protection, nuclear, biological and chemical protection, issues of labour, material and military obligations, the role and tasks of reserve members of the armed forces, suitable behaviour and obligations in case of great incidents or fires, the notion of an emergency …

According to Colonel Dragan Stojčić, Head of Regional Centre of the Ministry of Defence in Belgrade, the instruction is informative and it is conducted for the fourth grade high school students.

- After 27 years, the instruction in the field of security is reintroduced in high schools. We cover a dozen of topics which the young people on the threshold of maturity should know better that it has been the case so far. There will be few words about the defence system and security of the state of Serbia, about the armed forces, about how to become an officer, non-commissioned officer and professional soldier of the Serbian Armed Forces, about civil protection, about live toxic chemicals and other NBCD contents. These are all the topics which were at the time, without justification neglected in the system of education and now they are reintroduced to the students. We witness everywhere that we must not neglect security – Colonel Stojčić said.
He underscored that it was good that this generation of high school seniors would leave high school with more knowledge than their predecessors about very important issues relating to personal and collective security. Gordana Mihajlović, Director of the Fourth Grammar School in the municipality Savski Venac, said that it was expected that the instruction would be interesting and inspirational for every student.

- This is just a beginning and the cooperation with the Regional Centre is a precondition for the realisation of the envisaged instruction, taking into consideration that we do not have suitable personnel for the execution of that teaching content. It is certain that some elements in the domain of security are significant for students of high schools too and that is why I expect that will be even richer in the period to come – said Director Mihajlović.
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