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Private 1st Class Milica Đekić Winner of the Recognition “The Noblest Deed of the Year”

In the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, for the 56th time in a row, the plaques, awarded by “Večernje Novosti”, were presented to individuals and organisations that had marked the year behind us by their heroic, humane and selfless deeds.
  In the framework of this traditional drive “The Noblest Deed of the Year”, the panel, chaired by Academician Matija Bećković, decided that a special silver plaque should be awarded to Private 1st Class Milica Đekić from the 27th Mechanised Battalion of the Second Army Brigade in Kraljevo, who had saved life to Slavica Milić in the village of Lopatnica, when she pulled her out of a swollen river.

Private 1st Class Milica Đekić pointed out that the recognition “The Noblest Deed of the Year” was certainly flattering, since she was placed among the heroes who had marked the previous year.

While spending her holidays in the ethno-village of Lopatnica, owned by her step father and mother, Milica saved life of a local woman who had fallen in the swollen stream which flows near the ethno-village.

- The woman was trying to push away a tree trunk washed by the water, but the torrent pulled her and she fell in the water - Milica says and ads that she ran out of the house without thinking, having heard her step father shouting, and ran along the water.

- After some 200-300 metres, the woman grabbed a branch and we caught up with her then, jumped into the water and pulled her out - Private 1st Class Đekić retells the situation which placed her among the heroes. The award which she has received today does not make her a greater man than she is, and the greatest reward is the notion that she has helped someone.

The recognition for the showed heroism was presented by Academician Matija Bećković, and among the first who congratulated her on the award was Commander of the 27th Mechanised Battalion of the Second Army Brigade, Major Boban Ilić.

Greeting the present at today’s ceremony, the Editor in Chief of “Večernje Novosti”, Milorad Vučelić, underscored that the heroes of that year did not come only from Serbia, a message to everyone about who and what the Serbs were.
Academician Matija Bećković expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the panel because of the fact that it was the 56th time that the heroes of humanity and nobility had been presented to the public, adding that the drive of “Večernje Novosti” was a place reserved solely for true heroes and their noble deeds, whose examples were brought to light as something that was the most significant for the fate of a man, and not something accidental and secondary.
A police officer Miloš Milošević from Aleksinac, the winner of the 56th prestigious title of the noblest individual of the previous year, who barehanded threw himself on a frenzied attacker in front of a café “Manila”, who was shooting at security worker and passersby injuring five persons.
The panel awarded the gold plaque for the noblest collective deed to five inhabitants from Banat who had donated their skin and thus saved lives of two NIS workers, while the brave Milorad Jovanović from Belegiš was posthumously awarded the gold plaque for the noblest deed because Milorad had given his life saving the life of his granddaughter Aleksandra who had been drowning in the Danube.
The panel awarded the gold plaque for a child’s deed to Ognjen Damljanović from Užice who had saved four year old Lazar from icy, swollen river of Đetinja.
Apart from Private 1st Class Đekić, the silver plaques of “Večernje Novosti” were awarded to Vladeta Zarubica, Vojin Radović and Vesko Božović from Podgorica, a school teacher Gorica Dimitrijević from Kragujevac, police officers Nemanja Trivun and Đorđe Elek from Foča, monks of the monastery Zočište near Orahovac, Marko Jovanović from Niš, a fireman Dragan Vujović from Užice, Nataša Mladenović from Ježevice and  Predrag Adamović from Banjaluka.
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