Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Tomorrow, on 10th November 2018, the Ministry of Defence will report from the military exercise the “Century of Victors 1918-2018” on its web site in “real time”.
This means that brief information on all significant events will be posted in the moment as they actually happen at the training sites from 8.15 o’clock in the morning until the conclusion of the exercise.
The time of posting the information on the site will be placed before the information in order to provide both chronologically and content-wise clear image of the events as the exercise takes place, on all 10 locations. Along with the information, the photo gallery will feature photographs from all the locations, while the video-gallery will feature selected material with the most significant content from the locations.
Unified information of the exercise activities from all ten locations will be forwarded to the media immediately after their completion together with photo and video material.
All the material published on our web site can be used by the media without any restrictions.