Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Policy Talks with the Federal Republic of Germany

Official talks between the delegations of the Defence Policy Sector of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Directorate-General for Security and Defence Policy of the German Federal Ministry of Defence were held on 12th June 2018 in Berlin.
Delegations were headed by Mr Milan Mojsilović, Assistant Minister for Defence Policy, and Dr. Géza Andreas von Geyr, Political Director for Security and Defence Policy.
They exchanged opinions on the political and security situation in the Western Balkans region and the current global security challenges.
It was jointly assessed that cooperation in the field of defence was intensive and meaningful, with orientation to its further enhancement.
The talks were an opportunity to launch new initiatives that are of mutual interest and that can make a substantial contribution to enhancement of cooperation.
They emphasized the importance of meetings at the ministerial level as the best way of confirming the quality of relations developed between the two armies in the previous period.
Based on the positive experiences from the current engagement, they expressed intention to continue joint participation in the EU mission in Mali, as well as possible joint engagement in one of the other EU and UN missions for a longer period, in accordance with the mandate of the EU mission.
They emphasized the need for essential improvement of military-economic cooperation and production of more visible results, which would also be contributed to by the purchase of helicopters of the company Airbus Helicopters for the Serbian Armed Forces.