Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


In relation to the latest communique of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance Rodolјub Šabić, the Ministry of Defence states that, unfortunately, the Commissioner cannot stop communicating with the Ministry of Defence via media and cannot refrain from making political assessments.
The media and social networks are not the proper way of communication between the Commissioner and a state body such as the Ministry of Defence, but the media and social networks are the way for the Commissioner to square accounts with the ones that he perceives as his political opponents. We regret that the Commissioner cannot understand that his current position is not a preparation for a political career as some other commissioners tended to use it. We regret that the Commissioner did not desire to come to the Ministry of Defence and talk with us since it would have been much better than Twitter and communique.

It still remains unclear why he has forbidden us something that we do not do and something that we cannot do without a decision of the court or prosecutor’s office. The Ministry of Defence is at disposal to the Commissioner for all additional information that we may supply having in mind that for reasons defined by law his security certificate has not been extended.