Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Military Police, in cooperation with the Military Security Agency of the Ministry of Defence, the Niš Police Department and the Health Inspection in Niš, on the order of the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office and the Basic Court in Niš, stopped the case of criminal activity in the Military Hospital Niš on 12th December 2017.
After several months of engagement in the collection of data and evidence, the action included four persons - a female member of the Ministry of Defence S.P. and her husband A.P. on suspicion of having committed the criminal act of abuse of office, and R.M. and A.P., civilians from Niš, for abuse of position of the responsible person.
There is a reasonable suspicion that S.P. has prescribed and obtained medicines and medical supplies for herself, on the names of patients, abusing her official position of the chosen doctor, for a long time. S.P. realized thus made prescriptions in private-owned pharmacies, with the help of R.M. and A.P., and sold them through the private practice of her spouse A.P. By performing this criminal activity, S.P. has acquired unauthorised economic benefit.
After the search, which was executed under the order of the Basic Court in Niš, S.P. and her husband A.P., as well as R.M., were arrested and ordered detention time for up to 48 hours, while A.P. admitted guilt and was released to defend herself from freedom.
The criminal charges, which will be filed against these persons, will include two other members of the Ministry of Defence.