Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message of the Minister of Defence on the Occasion of the Day of AD Artillery-Rocket Units

I congratulate 30th September – Day of the Branch to all the members of the AD artillery-rocket units.
On that day in Serbia, during the First World War in 1915, Radomir Raka Ljutovac shot down an enemy plane from an anti-aircraft gun. The expertise, responsibility, professionalism and capabilities of the members of our branch surely represent a guarantee that, despite the conditions of a slower technological development, you will maintain a high level of discharging the assigned tasks and successfully follow the paved military goals of the new age continuing more than a century long tradition of the First World War.
I am confident that you will continue being a significant element of the Serbian Armed Forces and a fundamental actor of the fire power of the anti-aircraft defence. I congratulate this holiday to you, wishing that you continue successfully fulfilling the assigned tasks.