Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Simulation-Supported Exercise "Air Strike 2017"

In the Simulation Training Centre in Belgrade, this week, the 98th Aviation Brigade Command carries out a computer assisted exercise "Air Force 2017".
The exercise is led by Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Air Defence Command, Colonel Aleksandar Bjelić, and the theme of the exercise is the engagement of the brigade in the conduct of AF and AD operations.
During the week, the participants in the exercise were visited by the AF&AD Commander, General Major Ranko Živak.
In the AF&AD, simulation exercises have become an inevitable and increasingly important form of practical training for commands and units. During the past years, members of this kind of the Serbian Armed Forces gained valuable experience in modelling, preparation and realisation of exercises in the Training Centre through simulations, which significantly improved the capability for planning and performing full spectrum combat operations.