Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Cooperation with the United States

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has met today with US Ambassador Kyle Scott. During the meeting, the interlocutors noted a high degree of development of defence cooperation, which is defined and directed in line with mutual interests.
The Minister of Defence emphasized the importance of international military cooperation, which the Republic of Serbia, as a militarily neutral state, cherishes with foreign partners, and within which the relations with the United States occupy one of the most important places. He particularly emphasized the quality and quantity of these relations, highlighting areas such as cyber security, joint military exercises, military-medical cooperation and military education and advancement.
The US Ambassador assessed that the current cooperation records the long-term continuity of a high number of activities that contribute to the development of the capacities of both sides. He emphasized that military-to-military relations, as well as Serbian and US military traditions, do not exert an impact only on the armies of the two countries, but also contribute to bringing people closer together.
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