Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Course for the duty of Financial Service Authority in battalion-brigade

At the Military Academy of the Human Resources Sector, the 5th "Course for the duty of Financial Service Authority in the battalion-brigade" began today, organized by the Military Academy – Department of Finance and with the support of the Finance and Controlling Department.
Acting Assistant to the Minister for Finance and Controlling Radmila Jagodić addressed the attendees, pointing out that the goal of the advancement at the course is to refresh and acquire new knowledge for the officers of the financial services for the successful performance of duties from the competence of the financial function in the commands, units and institutions of the Serbian Armed Forces at the level of the battalion-brigade.
The course programme includes the methodology of valuation of arms and military equipment, tax system and regulations, financial and material bookkeeping, control and inspection, planning and financing, public procurement, financial operations and salaries and other allowances in the Serbian Armed Forces.