Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Vulin: The army and the police control illegal migrants' movements

After visiting the Krnjača asylum seekers accommodation centre, the Minister of Defence and the President of the Working Group for solving the problem of mixed migration flows Aleksandar Vulin also reflected on the work of the Joint Security Forces for preventing illegal migration:
"The forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence, our military and our police are doing great job. All these boys and girls who are on the borders with the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia manage to control illegal movements and do not allow them to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia without documents and without a legal basis. Thanks to their work, thanks to their self-sacrifice, we can say that we can fully control the crisis, we can say that our everyday life is protected, that the law in this country is respected and that our security system once again shows that it takes care of each of its citizens, takes care of every human being and is able to protect us in every part of our territory.
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