Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Serbia Still Behaves Responsibly in the Migrant Crisis

After the visit to Army Command and Command of Joint Military and Police Force for securing the state border, responding to the question whether the ruling of the Strasbourg Court, to return the migrants to the first EU country, affects Serbia, Minister of Defence AleksandarVulin stated the in the matter of the migrant crisis Serbia would continue behaving responsibly, in a way that became an organised, lawful and humane country.
-We are going to continue paying attention primarily to our everyday life, our way of life, security of our citizens and security of our territory. We are here to help, but as you have seen so far, we are very much capable of protecting our country and ensuring that this country does not become a parking for migrants or anybody else who finds himself here, but to take care of those people exclusively in accordance with the law – Minister Vulin evaluated providing information that currently there are around five thousand migrants in the territory of our country.
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