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Serving Homeland is an Honour

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has visited this morning the Second Training Centre of the Serbian Armed Forces at Valjevo-based “Field Marchal Živojin Mišić” barracks, where the final phase of the basic training of the June generation of soldiers on voluntary military service is in progress.
  Част је служити отаџбини
Before the beginning of the morning inspection, the Minister was welcomed by the Commander of the Training Command, Lieutenant General Đokica Petrović who informed him that the life and work at the Centre is taking place according to the envisaged schedule and that final physical checks have been scheduled for today, followed by the last evaluation and referral of the soldiers in specialized training centres.
After the morning inspection and raising the flag of the Republic of Serbia, Minister Vulin warmly greeted all the members, and talked particularly with soldiers on voluntary service, showing interest in the living and working conditions in the Second Training Centre.
He pointed out that it was one of the greatest disappointments that he experienced as a young man, when he was at their age, when he faced the fact that the commission declared him incapable of serving a military service for health reasons.
  Част је служити отаџбини
- It is hard for a young man to realise that there is something he cannot do, especially when he is at the age when he thinks that he can do everything; I had dioptre more than 7, two cylinders on one eye and one on the other - Mr. Vulin said, adding that his vision today is considerably weaker.
- I care about what you think about me, about the military and the state, because I have not served the military and I endlessly envy you on the fact that you can serve it. I did not want to do anything more in my life than to serve the state as you do, in uniform with weapons, and I am sorry that I could not, but that does not mean that I do not love my country, Minister Vulin said and repeated that he would never escape any obligation that his homeland requires from him.
He told the soldiers that he cared about them very much, and that there was no greater trust for parents than to entrust their child to someone, and that parents who send their children to the Serbian Armed Forces' ranks show how much they care about the state, and how much trust they have in it.

There is no greater obligation for your elders and for me than to make sure that you are safe and sound, so that we can look at your parents in their eyes, and that they can be proud of you, as Serbia is. Your uniform is not just clothing, it is attitude, it speaks, and it is actually what you need to do, to look after us, as we are looking after you now - Minister Vulin told the soldiers and added that behind them there is a famous tradition, because "there has never been armed forces smaller in numbers and yet greater than the Serbian Armed Forces".
After visiting the Training Center, Minister Vulin and the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković, held a meeting with the representatives of the Training Command.
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