Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Putting park of little Milica Rakić in order

At the initiative of the Zemun Municipality, Defence Minister Zoran Đorđević decided that the Ministry of Defence should put the park in this municipality, which preserves the memory of little Milica Rakić, in order.
The Minister decided a memorial park to be put in order as a gift to the Municipality of Zemun and as another contribution of the Ministry and the Armed Forces to marking and the duration of memories of people and events that Serbia must not forget because they are embedded in the history of its struggle for freedom and life in peace and creation.
In the park, seesaws, swings, benches and other equipment designed for children will be repaired or restored. The architect will devise what needs to be done to make the park again get a modern look, which can used by children from the neighbourhood on a daily basis.
The execution of the project was assigned to the Infrastructure Directorate, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Slobodan Starčević. The Military Construction Institute, Belgrade, is in charge of carrying out the works in cooperation with the Military Construction Centre, Belgrade.