Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Chinese donation to the Serbian Armed Forces

President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, Defence Minister Zoran Đorđević, Chief of General Staff, General Ljubiša Diković, and Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Li Manchang, have attended today the ceremonial handover of the Chinese donation at the "National Hero Stevica Jovanović" barracks in Pančevo.
The value of the donated assets, handed over on that occasion for the use in the Serbian Armed Forces, amounts to 7 million yuan (about 900,000 euros), and includes 16 inflatable boats, as many outboard engines, five snowmobiles and ten portable devices for detection of explosive devices, which will serve its purpose in all the three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces.
After the tour of the donated assets displayed at the training area of the barracks, Minister Đorđević and Ambassador Li Manchang signed the Transfer Certificate.
President Vučić pointed out that this was a significant donation for the Serbian Armed Forces, part of which will go to the Special Brigade and the rest to the River Flotilla.
- There are also boats that can be used on all rivers for humanitarian or combat purposes. Such are snowmobiles for the transport of sniper pairs, but also for the transport of ammunition, equipment and food and everything else that is necessary. As I was explained here, during the tour, detectors for explosives and drugs are perfectly precise and the error can be only one percent - President Vučić said.
- I am proud of the fact that we have managed to build such a friendly relationship with the People's Republic of China and, however small the size of the Serbian population may be, Serbia has become a reliable and credible friend to the Chinese people, just as they have always been to us - President Vučić added.
Minister Đorđević expressed his gratitude to the ambassador and the People's Republic of China, which was always prepared to help Serbia.
- This is not for the first time that China provides donation to our country and our Armed Forces, and they were here when there were floods and whenever needed by our people. The value of the existing donations of China to our defence system amounts to four million and nine hundred and fifty thousand euros, and we expect another great donation - Minister of Defence emphasised, adding that the one who has certainly to be given credit for all the help of the Chinese people to our country is Ambassador Li Manchang.
Speaking about the donation, Ambassador Li Manchang said that it is a demonstration of the Chinese army's friendship with the Serbian troops, recalling that the Chinese people will never forget participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in the Great military parade in Beijing, where they showed the power of their spirit.
- We will continue with the similar cooperation, and I expect another donation to be realised as well - the Chinese ambassador said.
Responding to the questions of journalists, President Vučić pointed out that the Serbian Armed Forces is becoming more and more equipped every day, announcing for September presentation of 1,500 soldiers equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment.
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