Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the right place at the right time today again

While performing their regular duties and responsibilities, members of the Serbian Armed Forces showed once again that they have always been with their people who can count on their help whenever needed.
Members of the Joint Police and Military Force, engaged in securing a part of the state border, found two children 16 and 9 years old, from the village of Dragovit near Poganovo - in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad, who got lost last night in the evening tending livestock.
The disappearance of the children was reported by their father on one of the checkpoints of the Joint Forces. With rapid reaction, commanding staff and the members of the Joint Force quickly began a search for the children, who were found after all-night search, this morning, about 10 o'clock, on the road to the village of Petačince.
Members of the Joint Military and Police Force took the children to the health centre in Dimitrovgrad, where their health condition will be checked.
- Members of the Joint Military and Police Force are carrying out their tasks of securing the state border, preventing illegal border crossings and attempted smuggling. This time, as many times before, we met the demands of local residents and managed to find children who got lost. Taking care of the population will continue to be one of the most important tasks for all soldiers and police officers engaged in this task - the commander of Joint Forces, Colonel Vladeta Baltić said.
Also, during the work of the members of the 1st Pontoneer Battalion of the River Flotilla on setting up a pontoon bridge over the Danube River, to the Lido beach in Zemun, a privately-owned aluminium boat caught fire.
- The 1st Pontoneer Battalion members saw an elderly man jumping from the burning boat and immediately swam up to him and pulled him to shore of the Lido beach. There, our doctor gave him first aid, commander of the 1st Pontoneer Battalion of the River Flotilla, Lieutenant Colonel Sinisa Marinković, said.
He added that the placed pontoon bridge practically stopped burning boat in motion and prevented possible greater disaster because the fire flares threatened to burn the boats in the Zemun marina.
- Firefighters arrived on the scene and managed to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, a pontoon bridge was not much damaged, there were only minor damages from the fire, but we continue to work according to the plan until the Great War Island is connected with the left bank of the Danube River, Lieutenant Colonel Marinković said.