Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


On Wednesday, 7th June 2017, at the Pasuljanske livade combined-arms training ground, there was a traffic accident - TAM - 110 truck rollover, in which two members of the Serbian Armed Forces got.injured. Truck driver Zvezdan Papić, a professional soldier suffered serious injuries (broken left lower leg and damage to the blood vessels), while Second Lieutenant Borislav Bjelčević was slightly injured.

After medical assistance at the General Hospital in Ćuprija, professional soldier Zvezdan Papić was hospitalized at the Military Medical Academy, and Second Lieutenant Borislav Bjelčević at the Military Hospital in Niš.

Papić and Bjelčević are members of the 22nd Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Army Brigade. On the Pasuljanske livade training ground, members of the unit perform their regular task of giving support to camping of male and female cadets of the Military Academy.