Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The sixth class of Advanced Security and Defence School completes studies

Participants in the 6th class of Advanced Security and Defence Studies, the highest level of training in the system of military education, have been conferred today certificates of successful completion of the advanced education.

The ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Zoran Đorđević, State Secretary Nenad Nerić, Assistant Minister for Human Resources Miloš Janković, Rector of the University of Defence, Major General Mladen Vuruna and Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Goran Zekovic, and mentors.  

Certificates were presented to the participants in the 6th class by Minister Đorđević, who wished them a lot of success in their future work. 

Chief of ASDS, Col. Goran Župac, recalled that in this class there were two ministers, the mayor of Belgrade, four civil servants, six officers of the Serbian Armed Forces and one from each of the Armed Forces of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Завршетак усавршавања шесте класе ВСБО- In the past five months they showed that they possess the human and professional qualities worthy of the highest level of training, organized for the purpose of the security system of a country - Colonel Župac said adding that the students organized meetings with the highest representatives of the ministries, the Chief of Serbian Armed ForcesGeneral Staff and the directors of security services, and that more than twenty university professors were in the role of the lecturers.. He pointed out that in the final day, five participants present their final works, so that members of the defence system had the opportunity to gain insight into the topics dealt with in the 6th class in the past five months.

The Advanced Security and Defence Studies are an organizational unit in the National Defence School which annually realizes the highest level of studies for officers and civil servants. Participants in these studies are senior officials of ministries and agencies of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and of other countries in the region.
The main objective of the advanced studies lasting 21 weeks is education and preparation of the participants for taking high offices in the national security system.
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