Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

General Janićijević at the Meeting of SEDM Member States

Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major General Slavolјub Janićijević participated in the meeting of the member states of the South Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial at the level of Chiefs of General Staffs held today in Podgorica.
Delegations of 14 member states of the SEDM initiative participated in the meeting (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia and Montenegro), as well as international organisations’ delegations.
Dedication to strengthening military cooperation in the South Eastern Europe was particularly emphasised and it was mutually assessed that it was necessary to continue the coordinated efforts and cooperation among the states of the South Eastern Europe aimed at efficiently responding to threats to stability, such as terrorism, extremism, illegal migrations and organised crime.
In his address, General Janićijević pointed out the importance that the Republic of Serbia attaches to regional cooperation, participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in international exercises and the engagement in multinational operations under the auspices of the United Nations and European Union. He also underscored the orientation of the Republic of Serbia to participate in the battlegroup of the European Union “HELBROC” led by Hellenic Republic.
The South Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial was launched at a ministerial meeting in Tirana, in March 1996, and the Republic of Serbia became its member in 2009. The basic goal of SEDM is to improve the understanding and intensify politico-military cooperation in the region for the purpose of strengthening security in this part of Europe.